“The Green Thumb Appliance”

iWater takes the work (and the guesswork) out of growing healthy, happy plants.

Still washing your laundry in a stream? In your bathtub with a washboard? Or do you use a washing machine? Hmmm . . . Why is that?

Let’s talk coffee! Still putting grounds in a pan of boiling water to make “camp coffee”? Or do you use an automatic coffee-maker?

Still taking care of your house-plants by hand? Let iWater take over the task of feeding and watering your plants. Your plants will thank you.

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iWater is the newest BIG idea in home appliance technology. Just like using your other appliances, once you’ve discovered the convenience of automatic plant care, you won’t want to live without it — and neither will your plants! That’s why we call it “the Green Thumb Appliance”.

iWater is a microprocessor-based intelligent plant care system that can be used indoors or out. It is designed to both feed and perfectly water your plants. Whether it’s for a cactus or for an African violet, the soil moisture level can be set wherever you want it. iWater keeps it right there!

iWater does for house plants what a thermostat does for a home heating unit. A gold–plated probe monitors the soil moisture, sending moisture–level information back to the onboard computer. iWater checks the soil moisture every thirty minutes (do you have the time to check your plants that often? we thought not). When the soil has dropped below the preset moisture level, iWater adds a very small amounts of water, then checks again, until the user-set moisture level has been restored.

Our very first iWater-pampered plant, automatically watered for three years and counting. We hang it outside on the back deck during warm weather and bring it inside for the winter.

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Proper plant care is difficult and time-consuming. What most of us really want is simply to enjoy healthy, lush plants year round, without the work needed to make it happen. iWater is engineered to do the work for you.

With iWater, feeding and watering your plants is easy as 1–2–3! Once you are satisfied that the plant’s soil has just the right amount of moisture (for instance, wetter for an African Violet, drier for a cactus, somewhere in the middle for most house-plants), simply: (1)fill the reservoir, (2)insert the probe, and (3)push the SET button. iWater takes over from there.

Going on vacation? The iWater reservoir holds about 6 liters (1.5 gallons) of water, which is enough water for a two- or even three-month vacation — no more plant-sitters! Add a half-teaspoon of liquid fertilizer to the reservoir and iWater automatically feeds your plant while watering it. You can place an already-potted plant inside the iWater, or plant directly in your iWater. The removable hanger swivels freely so it’s easy to spin your plant around for optimum sunlight.

The iWater hanging planter is the first in a series of automatic plant care units being produced by iWater. We are currently preparing a floor planter unit. Other plant care units in testing and on the drawing board include a unit that allows the user to utilize a free-standing water container of her own choice (especially good for very large plants). Custom designs for specific large- or small-scale client applications can be provided.